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Our super simple natural Detox e-book will teach you how to achieve easy detox naturally and why you should cleanse and detoxify your easy detox recipesbody holistically with the seasons using 68 Amazing Holistic and Natural Detox Super Foods and simple detox recipes.

The super simple easy Detox ebook will enable you to achieve healthy easy detox with the seasons all year long and without having to fast or use detox drinks, herbal cleanse detox or detox powders, detox supplements, or other detox cleansing products.

Super simple holistic Detox ebook is a 100% original and exclusive eBook … with a web based format that allows fast easy access to informative teachings, fun exercises, and quizzes.

Super simple Detox ebook can also be used to lose excess weight and can complement and be part of any "cleanse smart" whole body cleanse detox weight loss solution.


Doing natural detox is easy - maybe you should try holistic detox too !!!


With easy Detox 101 You Will Discover:

detox product

4 tips how to cleanse and detox your body naturally and holistically with the seasons

herbal cleanse

15 tips how to increase your energy

detox recipe

28 symptoms of an unhealthy lifestyle and how Super Simple Detox can reduce them

detox recipes

38 reasons to change your lifestyle habits

weight loss detox

68 amazing quick Detox Super Foods that will change your life

quick detox

12 best tools to easy Detox your stress

weight loss detox

10 reasons to change your shopping habits

spring detox

the best detox recipe for you



ho to detox naturally

The Ultimate Guide to a Healthier You

Detox is a relative term, because anything that supports elimination can be said to help our body detoxify. As a matter of fact, our body cleanses itself by a natural process.

If the body is working well with good immune and eliminative system, we can handle the basic every day exposure to toxins. But sometimes we need to change our dietary (healthier detox food choices) and lifestyle (clearing toxins by sweating, either from exercise or heat) habits to reduce intake of toxins and improve elimination.

We don’t need an excuse to wait for spring to cleanse our bodies, because we can achieve a natural cleanse and detox with the seasons, and it means all year long using seasonal super foods.

We need to include these fantastic fruits and vegetables in our routine and use one or two every day.


Because these fruits and vegetables:

  • purify our blood,
  • purify and protect our liver,
  • cleanse the intestines,
  • help excrete heavy metals,
  • improve the cleansing function of the glands,
  • purify our gastrointestinal (GI) tract,
  • help to rid the respiratory system of excess mucus,
  • protect against free radicals,
  • help clear liver and gall bladder obstructions,
  • remove residues of radiation in the body.

And we are talking about food only- fruits and vegetables, not drugs or magic pills!!!! Amazing? Isn’t it?

A number of years ago a client of mine inspired me to write about easy detox for beginners. So here I am with an inspirational detox eBook that makes cleansing super-simple ... even if you've never done it before. Best of all you can do it all year long, without any help, and with the seasons.


Super Simple Detox Will Teach You:

checkHow to easy detox naturally without herbal cleanse, supplements, powders, drinks, etc.
checkWhat toxins are, and why they are so dangerous;
checkWhen, Why, and Who should do detox cleansing;
checkWhat Holistic Natural Detox is;
checkWhat Detox Super Foods are + how they can benefit your lifestyle;
checkWhich Super Fruits and Vegetables cleanse which body organ;
checkWhy it is sometimes safer not to eat certain fruits and vegetables;
checkWhat the benefits of eating with the seasons are;
checkHow to cleanse smart with easy detox all year long and why it is beneficial for your body.

Don't allow your body to become a toxic dump !

Let nutritional detox food be your medicine!


Dear Friend,

I am so glad you have found my product: Detox 101 because if you are ready to remove the toxins, poisons, and excess fat from your body so you can feel healthy and invigorated, this could be the most important message you will ever read!

The primary reason that I am healthy and happy today is because I made one key decision - to take control of my own health. A few years ago I struggled with increased appetite and changes in mood and behavior, suffered from insomnia and lack of energy, and felt sadness and anxiety.

I knew that I needed to make changes in my life and so I began studying the holistic detox and healing properties of detox foods. 

My mother has been healing herself holistically with detox foods and herbs for more than 30 years; she is my mentor and inspiration.

I learned how certain cleansing foods can detox and cleanse certain organs. I found and experienced techniques, tools and detox recipes to help my body to eliminate toxins using only organic whole foods and herbs. I healed myself from hormonal imbalances, headaches, heavy bleeding and mood swings and irritability (the last two drove my husband crazy). And today I am healthier and happier ever.

Now I work with women helping them to change their diet and lifestyle, and I conduct Women's Health Programs. As a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor, I want to help YOU.

I want YOU to start taking care of yourself, I want YOU to learn that to be healthy and happy is not very difficult if you have desire and determination; it is the primary reason I wrote this book.

I detoxed myself naturally and holsitically with the seasons and you can too!

healthy detoxBreathe, smile and be happy.

Irina Wardas CHC AADP

Founder NaturalCounselor.com


Super Simple Easy Detox


detox recipes

natural weight loss detox;

detox recipe wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and relaxed;
holisltic detox feel good all day long;
detox naturally decrease your craving for unhealthy toxic foods;
detox product have clearer skin;
detox products improve your digestion (less gas and bloating).

Still Skeptical?

Are you still skeptical about the need for Super Simple Detox? Perhaps, your doctor has never told you that everything we breathe, eat, drink, touch contains toxins and if they stay in our bodies too long, they might cause cancer, heart attacks, strokes, etc.

If you love your body, you need to learn how to detox naturally to help support your body's ability to rid itself of toxins and eliminate foods that expose you to harmful compounds. I am living proof that "Super Simple Detox, The Ultimate Guide For Beginners helps. It has worked for me and I am certain it will work for you too.

Just like our car needs oil change, our bodies need cleansing from time to time. That is why Super Simple Easy Detox is The Ultimate Guide for Beginners and is just what you need to feel and look better.

And you won't need to buy expensive supplements, herbs, juices, do fasting, or make major changes in your lifestyle.


easy Detox 101 is for those

who want:

spring detoxa holistic alternative to herbal cleanse and other detox products;

qucik detox to feel better physically and emotionally;

checkto reduce fatigue, depression, weariness and exhaustion; and

weight loss detoxto manage their weight gain.

"Irina is a great teacher and has a lot of experience in healing people. No wonder she took after her mother. She has a lot of European (as she calls them) homemade remedies which are very helpful. She gave me some tips for my four-year old daughter, so I don't need to see a doctor any more. This class is amazing as everything she does."

Mary, 27

"I love this class because it is web based-like a mini website. All material is very helpful. Some of the facials I have already tried and love them. I was glad to find information on cleansing properties of every vegetable and fruit. I like this class as much as her DeStress 101. I recommend both of them, because she has included a lot of information - much more than I expected for this price.

Mayra, 54

"I am very happy with my investment. I didn't realize that I could get rid of my constipation and bloating in such an easy way. And I have lost five pounds already. Thank you, Irina."

Lilly, 35



This book is not about intense cleansing programs or serious fasting experiments. If you are looking for intense cleansing, fasting or juicing program, Detox 101 is not for you, and you should look for another product.


Remember ... Anyone Can Do an Easy Natural Detox!

Any one can! Once you read Detox 101, you will realize that it makes perfect sense and your whole perspective will change. And don't forget, you won't have to change your lifestyle to be able to take advantage of the benefits of "Super Simple Detox."

Detox 101 eBook is for those who want to start taking care of themselves and their families but don't know where to start.

Detox 101 eBook is designed to help people with different sets of goals and expectations, as well as lifestyle and cooking experiences.

Detox 101 eBook is about what my mother taught me a long time ago when I lived in Europe. I gathered all the information and put it into this book to share with you.

Detox 101 is web-based, you can read it online or print it and read it on the go.

"This class is very informative. I have learnt so much - a lot of information to digest.  The exercises are a lot of fun and help to learn a couple of things. The list of natural cleansing foods with references is the best part. I start using it right away. Look forward to the Detox-201. Good job! It is worth every penny."

Lynn, 33

"Very practical, very educational. A couple of things were a big surprise for me. Even my kids like to do quizes and exercises. I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn more about whole foods and their cleansing qualities in an enjoyable way."

Mary-Ann, 39

"Detox 101 was simple and fun to use.  The best part was that I was able to use the recommendations from the class. And I loved the bonuses. Time and money spent was worth it "  

Josephina, 47

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plus Free Access to updates, including access to a planned 3rd edition of Super Simple Detox.



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Super Simple Detox comes with a 92% guarantee.  That is ... if you try 92% of the suggestions, tips and detox recipes in the eBook and you don't notice any health benefits, then I will be happy to give you a full 100% refund of your money.


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Breathe, smile and be happy

Irina Wardas CHC AADP

Detox 101


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